Listeners Workshop

1.God’s Word is everything to me…

Su-sandesh program is very simplicity gospel program which can motivate people come to God.
One of the keen listener express that I am so much grateful to the Su-sandesh program because
it pivot to change me and my family and it ignite me to empower in my spiritual life journey.
Now we are family sitting together and listen the program. Whenever the program starts in
our radio set we sit with prayerful heart and with honor and expect something from God.
And we found He gives us always whatever we need in our heart. This became our good
testimony to share other too. That How God is using Radio tool powerful ways in our spiritual
life. Thank You TWR-Nepal and its ministry.

2.Radio Program is at work in me…

I am young. I am regular listeners of the different programs. I love to listen the Radio program.
Whatever programs issues might be I clings on and give full attention to have a listen the program and
I encouraged other also to listen the program. I took responsibility as pioneer for the community.
The program is becoming so popular and impactful to the community through the Radio
and Digital Media (Facebook). So thank you TWR-Nepal for the ministry.

It's my story

Some month ago I meet TWR staff, they said to me more about TWR Nepal radio program.
From that day I am in tested to listened radio program and I started to hearing. After listen
radio program really it was very blessed and knowledgeable for my maturity growth and
development. I found the program taught me in the way to have relationship with God and
help me to grow in spiritual maturity and God’s favor. Program help me more knowledge and
standing in faith. Especially we were listen TTB program it help me many knowledge of God
and qualified in bible. Thank you.