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God is my source

I want to share my testimony; my name is Bir bahadur Limbu, Living in Taplejung District. I have beautiful wife and one son and one daughter. Today God has blessed me with everything I need. If I talked my past life, I have nothing just uttering my past life, it was so terrible and restlessness, I have dark past life, totally like deadness. I was so heavy drunkard, every time I need wine and strong alcohol. Intoxicated with heavy drink and taking pleasure in it. Living so dead fill life. After greeting unconscious through wine I used to get quarrel with people fight with them, many time I have bitten many people those who are coming in front of me. So everybody scare me I am so arrogant man, not fearing anyone. Many times I have tried to beat church pastor while they came to share me Gospel, that time they ran away from me. Everyone used to say this person got mad and so dangerous so many people don’t want to come near to me. After being such situation my wife has left me and she took my children too, left me alone. I have stayed 2 years alone departed from my family, life become worse and more badly, everybody had left me and I become alone. That time I was not having money to get wine and even people don’t want to give me because I had over debt by many shopkeeper. I was about to die and left me nothing, I got so frustrated and hopeless. So one day in the morning I saw the     people were going to church, that time I said to them please take me your God, they took me into church, while church father saw me he got scared that How this person came to in our church. After church service he prayed for me and     my situation, as all leaders prayed and encourage me, since that day I left every bad habit specially drinking wine. Then I send the message to my wife that I went to church and believe in Him and I left everything, as soon as she heard it,   she came back to my home with my children and has reconciled each other. Today we are all together and doing God’s ministry in our locality. Through my life changing testimony and situation many household have come to the church.     In our locality Radio program is so effective and we are encourage people to hear the program and live in Him. Thank you so much TWR-Nepal family.  


Listeners Life Story…

Life is fullness in Christ

I am Muslim woman; name is Purna Khatun, living very hard and poor life. We have nothing in my family just do work and earn money and sustaining through that. Since my childhood I had been gone through all treacherous life which I cannot explain, but after 2 years ago one of the Mongolian people who was Hindus accept me as life partner, later one still I found nothing different in my life because he was so strong alcoholic person, in such emptiness situation of my life I heard the Christian program through the Radio Program. Word of God speaking to me that He is only savior and redeemer of our life, those who believe in Him has a fullness of life. The word sympathizes my heart and giving rays of hope that there is something good things ahead of me. Then one of the neighbors my sister led me to the church, even she with full of convince led my husband too. We both enter into the church and believe in Him. Today I am so happy that I got a radio and Bible from TWR-Nepal, that God has provided me, I consider I got everything from God, I Love Bible and I love God’s Radio program.    


God put me in His ministry

We are so honorable family in our community that we have sufficient farming land, good name, fame and beautiful house too, we live sufficiency life. Sometimes we think we need nothing, we are full. As time passed on, life it is not the same I am also person indulge in drinking alcohol and taking full pleasure in it. But one day I got severe pain leads me to in emergency, in that time my wife also felt sick. We both taken to hospital got treatment, in that moment I felt life is nothing, it just as vapor will go soon no one cares, many times before I have listen about Jesus Christ but I never taken as a serious but in the hospital bed while I listen about Jesus it touch my life and help me to know the life. That word reverberant in my earing many days, I pray to God that God if you saves my life I will do your ministry forever in my life. According to that prayer, I got recovered discharged from the hospital then I straight went to the Bible training center to learn the Word of God, after finishing 9 month Bible training I back to my village and people to serve them and do the God’s ministry among them. We are Limbu people so most of the people are habitual drunkard from their birth, cause of that it damaged all their life. So we are sharing good news and helping them to know about Limbu Evangelical program. We found this effective Radio program has been powerfully working in their life. And people are curiously listening and accepting the truth, and they are coming to the church also. In this miraculous ways God is working through the Radio program.


Listeners Life Testimony…

Thirsty traveler for God’s word

  This Both women they are from the Muslim background, both they have their family having husband and children. Both they were telling about their religious practices , as being a Muslim woman and follow all kinds of practices it is being    so hard and difficult sometimes we are consider as an animal not giving any respect and place for us. But as one of my friend told us to let’s go to the temple of Jesus Christ that we will have something best in our life and we follow her.        And as we reach to the church and attending the church service of God we found this world is so different world filled with happy, joy, peace, honor and respect. Our resident is so far from church nearly 12 kilometer but still we decided to    go to church every Saturday and leaning heavenly things from the word of God. as we come to kow about the Radio program also but we don’t have radio, today God has provided us radio device we will regularly listen God’s word and        learn from him. We know there will be barriers and problems from our family member, yet we are stick on live by faith and walk by faith and continuously hearing the word of God. so please pray for us.   




We live by faith, hearer of God’s word

Once again here is also coming the similar story having such powerful witness, that these two women are Muslim religious woman came into faith and have received the baptism service too. They are so brave and courageous woman that what they have hold it never let it go vain. As they utter that they also came from long travelling to attend the church service nearly 15 kilometer, it takes 5 hours by walking feet. They are fearless women, their husband many times stood against them and strictly stopping them yet they are praying to God and follow His direction, they shared the God’s miraculous work in their life many times God has protected and provided all their needs in their life. They also loved to hear the word of God but they don’t have the radio device, so we have given them and they ensure that we will continue to listen the program and propagate program feature in our community as well. They are so excited,, God thank you sharpening such women of God in your kingdom.



I could hear the word of God

  I am blind person, most loving thing I like to do is listening the Program, my hearing power is so strong and I catch and understand thoroughly the thing I heed, though I came to Christ in my life in my elderly ages, still I am so happy with    god that He has been teaching most of the valuable things in my life, in which I am fully assure and cling on that. I know My lord Jesus He loves me so much and care me so much, for my life full support my wife and daughter is with me,      they are my life parts. Helping me in all situations, apart from it best thing I have ever got that is Life in heaven through the word of God. Most of the time I spend only listen the Radio, God’s word program. That helps me to life a life with    hope and courage. As I have received new radio with program filled SD card. I could say this would be great help in my life and my spiritual life would be more renewed and strengthened through the program. I will give the word that we      will share our whole community about TWR-Nepal Radio program.

   We stablished 12 Radio Home Groups among the Maithili speaking people.



God’s Word is everything to me…

Su-sandesh program is very simplicity gospel program which can motivate people come to God.
One of the keen listener express that I am so much grateful to the Su-sandesh program because
it pivot to change me and my family and it ignite me to empower in my spiritual life journey.
Now we are family sitting together and listen the program. Whenever the program starts in
our radio set we sit with prayerful heart and with honor and expect something from God.
And we found He gives us always whatever we need in our heart. This became our good
testimony to share other too. That How God is using Radio tool powerful ways in our spiritual
life. Thank You TWR-Nepal and its ministry.


2.Radio Program is at work in me…

I am young. I am regular listeners of the different programs. I love to listen the Radio program.
Whatever programs issues might be I clings on and give full attention to have a listen the program and
I encouraged other also to listen the program. I took responsibility as pioneer for the community.
The program is becoming so popular and impactful to the community through the Radio
and Digital Media (Facebook). So thank you TWR-Nepal for the ministry.


It's my story

Some month ago I meet TWR staff, they said to me more about TWR Nepal radio program.
From that day I am in tested to listened radio program and I started to hearing. After listen
radio program really it was very blessed and knowledgeable for my maturity growth and
development. I found the program taught me in the way to have relationship with God and
help me to grow in spiritual maturity and God’s favor. Program help me more knowledge and
standing in faith. Especially we were listen TTB program it help me many knowledge of God
and qualified in bible. Thank you.