Radio Homes

Radio home is a group of people where they meet together regularly and do fellowship with Bible study. It helps to reach the unreached with the gospel of Christ. Radio is the most popular and easiest means of media with a wide coverage in Nepal. Currently Radio Homes activating in more than 185 groups all across the country, it is so powerfully working on among the listeners spiritual life. Now our enthusiasm steps we are taking and giving full afford to produce the Radio Home Ministries in expansion 6 Languages.  Currently we are in the process of Translation and Production task in 6 language except Nepali, These expansion languages are :-

1. Nepali

2. Tharu

3. Tamang

4. Newari 

5. Limbu 

6. Bhojpuri 

7. Maithili


In the remote villages where the pastors and leaders are not well trained and they cannot afford to go for Bible training and School, then this radio home assist pastors, believers to get train in God’s word equip them and providing them spiritual nutrition to be strong in their faith and moreover  let the non-believers would know about Jesus Christ. Radio Home Ministry has mission to preach and produce the leaders for upcoming generation.

*Merits of Radio Home:

 It reveals the truth of Bible. So, people are encouraged to know and to be in relationship with our Lord.

 It helps the participants to think about the subject that they have heard on that particular day.

 It helps people to know each other and to have a strong relationship among them.

 It is not connected with any church or organizations not a specific church planting ministry.

 It uses TWR materials and helps the listeners to listen the word of God in their own tribal language.


 Start radio home with prayer.

 The lesson from previous class must be repeated.

 The homework must be done.

 Everyone must be urged to listen the program of specific day.

 All should look on the discussion materials.

We are praying for Gurung Ethnic Groups for Radio Home Extension Language Program for 2022.