Listners Response

A Response By personal visit:


My name is Chandra kumar Bistha. My home is in agarakhachi District. We are 7 members in my family. I grew in Hindu family. Being in our own religion also I was not happy at all in all kinds of ritual practices. I had full of burdensome, one day I was sitting with so discouragements because by seeing my life nothing was going better so in that time I happened to listen Good news. Listening about true and loving God Jesus Christ. Then I was begun to think about my life, eternity and life after death. These key points of my life lead me to listen the Christian Radio programs. At first I listened a radio program MD Nepali from TWR-Nepali. That program indeed touched my heart and more day by day answering my life hunt questions. After I began to mingle with Christians, church believers and go to church, attending the fellowship. Slowly my life began to transforming in newness with Christ. I took baptism and being regular listener of MD program. Now my day is flowing with the program and so I blessed with this program. Thank you TWR-Nepal.



A  Response By personal visit:

My name is Bir Bdr thapa Magar. I live in Rupandehi District in Rudr apur-3. We have 3 members in my family. Before I believe in Jesus Christ I believe Hindu and Buddhist religion. In my family there was no peace and no blessing but always there was much trouble. We had every time conflict within small issues. I wanted peace in my heart and in my family. In this life of storm God has sent His word through Radio Program (MD program) through this program I got to know about Life and Purposes of Living. As daily keeping touch with the Radio Program I could draw near to God and God’s home Church. I have accepted God and took baptism in the name of Trinity God. Now I am very happy and all my family is also living happy and blessed Christian life. Thanks TWR Ministries.





Listeners Response

My name is yubraj Nepali. My home is in Gulmi District Thorga Khanyadada. I am 17 years old. In my family Mother and my Elder Brother are there. When I was 5 my father went abroad, from that time no communication and no information about he is dead or alive. And at that time suddenly my big brother caught diseases, his speaking disappears and he got dry and dry. For treatment we did not left any place. My mother did much care and in same time from Srinagar FM he listened to Marga Darshan program (MD) and regular did Bible study but my fat her step in Jesus Christ before 1 year.

Because of my brother my mother accepted Jesus and I also believed him from my heard and in Dec/5/17 I took baptism. I also caught there same disease lade my brother so pray for me and I also can be fine.



Listeners Response By personal visit from:


I am Ram Kumar Rai living in eastern region of Nepal. I am good and regular listeners of MD program since I came to know about this program. I can’t live without listening of this program. Whenever I sit for the listening program, it always has something to say about my spiritual maturity. So with that expectation I sit near the radio set and listen the program. Actually not only me but I always insist to all my family and other people also tell to hear the program. And I am so much thankful to our God he has given not only the tools for hearing but reading too. So today I received new version Nepali Bible through TWR ministries. I am so much thankful to them. Thanks TWR-Nepal.






Listeners Response By personal visit from:


I am dwarika Prasad Baral, live in Ranibaas, sindhuli district. I am Christian since 15 years ago. As being Christian I have been so ups and down in my life. I have been carrying the suffering and pain along with my Christian journey yet I am living so happy and joyful life because God is living inside me. I am in old age not able to do work in this time my son has kick-out from my home. They kept the condition that whether you want your home or leave the Christ? But I said I leave my home but not Christ. He will keep me in His eternal home. Now I am a good listener of TWR programs specially MD program. As soon as I came to know about the Radio program from 3 years ago, then after MD program is my best friend which is always with me. I love this program so much and I am telling other also to listen this program.




A Response By personal visit

My name is Tej Kumari Darlami; lives in Tansen, Palpa . I am regular listener of MD program. I was born and brought up Hindu Family. I lived a long decade in these useless practices which made me waste my life time. I was not satisfy and no peace in my heart throughout whole life time. So one day I was led to listen the radio program by a Christian woman. I really obey to listen the radio program; that was MD program, speaking about eternal Life. Which is reality based on my life. It was at first time it lures my heart, I was following continuously to listen the programs. One day the programs spoke about Death of Christ. It had broken my heart made me to cry by knowing about Love of God for us. So from that onwards i started to go to church and attending the fellowship as well listening the radio program continuously. That led me to take baptism from our local pastor ps. Dasharath shrestha. Thank you TWR-Nepal.